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Sean O'Connor

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Sean O'Connor


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I have 10+ years of varied multimedia and technical experience in the video and digital broadcast field. I’m a freelance video content and digital signage specialist presently based out of Chicago, IL. I have experience working in all types of environments worldwide, to help you achieve your vision, from script to screen including pre-production planning, video production, post-production, compression and online distribution. I also have a good deal of experience in digital signage installation, setup and usage.

I started making stop-motion hi-8 movies for fun with my friends in middle school, then after many smashed legos and a bit more experience working in video in high school, was accepted into the esteemed Valencia Community Film and Video Technology Program. Valencia has had a number of highly-regarded filmmakers from George Romero to Peter Spirer produce films. I was fortunate to edit several projects, and work in the camera crew on the ones that were being edited externally.

family fear factorAfter film school I freelanced as a camera operator and camera assistant, working on a number of local and national television productions shooting in Central Florida. My greatest achievement was rigging and managing several lipstick cameras for a demolition derby on Fear Factor, specifically setting the cameras in places where they’d be smashed by the vehicle.

photo-2I began working for Norwegian Cruise Line in 2006, and stayed with the company for several contracts until 2010. I found cruise ships to be an excellent working environment; I was often tasked with producing videos for a number of different departments, sometimes coordinating between different ones. The broadcast center would often become the focal point of information exchange between management, department, crew and passengers. I was often working autonomously or with a small crew and tasked with meeting deadlines while producing the product possible in our closed environment. I received a number of compliments and accolades for my videos, including winning the intra-company S.T.Y.L.E. video competition a record five times (every time I entered, natch.) In 2010 I joined the Norwegian Epic, the fleet’s largest and newest ship at the time, and worked with a number of different departments and vendors to help set up the in-room IPTV system, the digital signage system and the state-of-the-art broadcast center. It was a smashing success and I left NCL at the end of 2010 to pursue my freelance career.

I decided I would work in Asia, and after some research chose Kaohsiung, Taiwan as my home-base to work both as a freelancer and as a narrative travel video producer. I was also very interested in learning spoken Mandarin Chinese, a hobby that I continue to pursue. In my two years in Kaohsiung I produced a number of videos I’m very proud of, and which brought me and my clients satisfaction and distinction. Those videos can be viewed on my Vimeo and Youtube pages. I’m especially proud of the feature length documentary I produced; Destiny in a Dragon for the National Sun-Yat Sen University Dragonboat Racing Team. It’s an inspirational and exciting story about dedication and trust amongst a close-knit team.

Upon returning to North America, I worked with Resource International to install and configure the in-room television system on the Silverseas Silver Whisper and the Discoverer cruise ships. I’m now in Chicago, IL, and available on a freelance basis to meet and exceed your video and signage needs. Feel free to contact me any time!